The AWS Certified SysOps Administrator – Associate examination is intended for systems administrators in a systems operations role with at least one year of experience in deployment, management, and operations on AWS.

It validates an examinee’s ability to:



Domain 1: Monitoring and Reporting 22%
Domain 2: High Availability 8%
Domain 3: Deployment and Provisioning 14%
Domain 4: Storage and Data Management 12%
Domain 5: Security and Compliance 18%
Domain 6: Networking 14%
Domain 7: Automation and Optimization 12%

1.1  Create and maintain metrics and alarms utilizing AWS monitoring services

1.2  Recognize and differentiate performance and availability metrics

1.3  Perform the steps necessary to remediate based on performance and availability metrics

2.1 Implement scalability and elasticity based on use case
2.2 Recognize and differentiate highly available and resilient environments on AWS

3.1 Identify and execute steps required to provision cloud resources

3.2 Identify and remediate deployment issues

4.1  Create and manage data retention

4.2  Identify and implement data protection, encryption, and capacity planning needs

5.1  Implement and manage security policies on AWS

5.2  Implement access controls when using AWS

5.3  Differentiate between the roles and responsibility within the shared responsibility model

6.1  Apply AWS networking features

6.2  ImplementconnectivityservicesofAWS

6.3  Gather and interpret relevant information for network troubleshooting

7.1  Use AWS services and features to manage and assess resource utilization

7.2  Employcost-optimization strategies for efficient resource utilization

7.3  Automate manual or repeatable process to minimize management overhead


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the cost of the exam is 150 USD and you can schedule it on this page
the format is Multiple choice, multiple answer.
the number of questions is not fixed, however it could be arround 60 or 70 total questions
The exam’s passing score is between 70% and 75%
The exam is available in English, Japanese, Korean, Chinese (simplified)
the AWS certifications have a validity of 3 years
there is no particular pre-requisite to pass this exam, however, it is recommended that your first pass the AWS Cloud Practitioner to make sure that you understand the basics of Cloud Computing and AWS