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Passed the Developer exam

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Passed the developer exam yesterday, here's what I did:

1. Look on the certification details and found out which services will be tested.

2. Take a day or 2 (however many you need to feel comfortable) and study the services.

3. After studying each service, because I really enjoy serverless technologies (Lambda, DYNAMODB, etc.),  I built out a few Lambda functions and small apps with DYNAMODB.

This helped with technical skills and I learned a lot of the more technical cases for each service I used in a development setting. It really helped to be pragmatic here. Knowing

the theory is great, but having hands on is better because I remember things much better when I work through the solution.

5. Used the AWSBoy quizzes, which are very good and relevant to the current Developer exam. (Thank you AWSBoy).



1. If you don't use AWS daily or weekly, brush up on the SA knowledge (I believe my study time was shortened because I was familar with architect topics after taking the SA exam).

2. If you're not a experienced developers, that's okay, but try to practice writing some code with the various SDKs in your favorite or chosen language. Doesn't need to be a blown

out project, have fun, and see what types of solutions you can come up with for various development cases with AWS technologies. Signup/Signout UI, how to handle logins, redacting

PII on documents in storage, which storage would you use for this and why, etc.



Thank you AWSBoy for providing such a useful resource, seriously one of the best in my opinion for assisting with reaching our goals of passing AWS exams. I've passed 3 exams and I've

used AWSBoy to pass each one. Again, thank you for the hard work you've done to provide such an amazing resource. You're the homie!

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