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Another pass - Cloud practitioner


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I passed the exam yesterday. Technology questions was more challenging and mostly senario based. 

I prepared using the cloud essential practitioner course offered by AWS, read through a few white papers, and AWSBoys practice exam and AWSBoys cheat sheets. AWS cloud practitioner course offered by AWS covers the basics but not enough to pass the exam if you are not already working with cloud computing. 

Elimination method works if you struggle with some questions. Start by eliminating irrelevant answers. 

Very important to review and to thoroughly understand Storage classes S3, Lambda, VPC peering, VPN, RDS, DynamoDB, Aurora, Redshift, Edge locations etc. Most questions here are senario based. 

Billing and pricing was fairly easy - a boost to overall final marks if answered correctly. 

I also recommend to use study materials on best architecture principles. I got about 5 questions here. 

AWSBoys practice exams definitely helped to prepare for the more difficult senario questions. Cheat sheets is a must to go through and especially few hours before the exam. It worked for me!

Thank you AWSBoys and goodluck to future test takers. 

Next on my calendar is Solution architect. 

Yomi - Johannesburg, South Africa.