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Passed cloud practitioner exam today


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Thank you, AWS boy. Couldn't do it without your content.

Passed my exam today at around 10:30. Took me about 85 mins to finish. 65 mins to complete the exam, 20 min to review. 

A few insights:

1. Read your questions and answers thoroughly, sometimes there are trick wordings. Just like AWS boy's practice exams.

2. The main focus topics are still EC2, RDS, S3, EBS, auto scaling, Route53, Cloudfront, [overview of Nacls, Security groups, VPC](now to think about it, it's actually good to fully understand these if prepping for SSA), Billing related(budget, TCO, instance types (ODI, RI, SI, DI, DH)), general cloud concepts (why cloud is good vs on-prem).

3. Then with sprinkles of a variety of services, for my exam: Aurora, SnowBall/SnowMobile, Athena, ElastiCache, Guardduty, WAF, Global Accelerator, Kinesis, Shield/Shield Advanced, Direct Connect, AWS Control Tower, ECS, DMS, Quicksight, Neptune, Artifact ... 

4. There are some questions that are identical or similar to AWS boy's practice exams, or in different wording but same concept.

5. Process of elimination is still the best approach when you are not sure about the answer to the question.

6. All I used was freecodecamp's AWS CCP full course - 2020(Just to get an overview) and AWS Boy(Helped me WAY more). (One week prep time, 30-40? hours) Background: used aws for 1.5 year (on and off, pet projects), work focuses on serverless architecture, touched lambda, sqs, sns, cloudwatch, cloudtrail, dynamodb, cloudformation, mainly. I'm surprised they didn't test anything on serverless architecture related stuff.


Good Luck all.

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