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Cloudwatch issue - Backend

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Cloudwatch issue - ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'cwlogs'

Hello, I'm facing some complicated and un-thinking issue with Cloudwatch,I believe Cloudwatch are easy to use and install because i used to install it at others EC2 instance before.Unfortunately,but it doesn't happen this time.Might need your guys help for this issue.

The issue is: - Cloudwatch unable to get the metric information from my EC2.

Troubleshooting i do as per below:
Check config file:

removed link point to correct server - MyServer1
removed link point to correct region = ap-southeast-1

2)Following the step to re-install cloudwatch:
removed link
Stuck at here because there's an error at the log.
"To install and configure CloudWatch Logs on an existing Amazon Linux instance" section, (Optional)

I check the removed link file for errors logged when starting the service.

The error as per below - removed link : File " removed link ", line 58, in _import_plugins plugins.append(import(path)) ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'cwlogs'

What i do is install =
pip install awscli-cwlogs

But the issue still persist.Any steps that i missing?Please advice.

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