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Solutions Architect - Associates: PASS

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I sat the AWS Solutions Architect Associate on 8/28/2022 and passed! I used AWSboy SA practice exams. What I did is simple: I took the exam on every section in the SA group, reviewed my results and then took it again. You should reach for 90% pass score or higher in the section exams. After completing those, I took the practice exams. At this point, you should be passing the exams after testing and reviewing the individual section exams. You should aim to score 80% or higher on all 4 exams. What I can say is, the practice exams will prepare you for the various solutions type questions you'll see on the exam. If I were to do it again, I would go as far as studying each solution you run into on the practice exams, review each service involved in the solution, understanding how the each service interacts and even look into the most optimized and the most cost effect. Doing this will help in different customer situations as they can look for solutions based on cost, operation, management and so on.

AWSBoy, what an awesome product you have here. You've done a public service hosting these resources here. Thanks for your hard work in preparing such knowledge. Bless you!

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I'm preparing for AWS Solutions Architect - Associates, exam  need support and guidelines ...